red lila School of Yoga is an educational and professional development resource for the yoga teacher.

Our Mission

We believe yoga is for every one. Above all else, we believe that warm, competent, intelligible, and empowered yoga teachers are necessary to share this power of yoga. We're here to work with yoga teachers so they can carry the yoga torch to their students. Through awareness of the mind and body, yoga promotes each person to find their center, act mindfully, and to live healthy lives. Our programs honor yoga's ancient teachings and tradition while addressing the modern practices and challenges that yoga teachers face. No matter your experience, education, or confidence with teaching yoga, we offer programs that will help you to learn, create, and share.

What makes us different?

  • We are designed for the yoga teacher. Programs for teachers, developed by teachers. You are the leaders of yoga, and we aim to inspire and enhance your quality of work to positively impact your students' experiences. Dedicated students of yoga find our resources and programs advance their practice, both mind and body. We are motivated and working to continually upgrade our content and programs for the best quality trainings for you.

  • Program variety. Our current and upcoming programs offer a range of content for yoga teachers of all styles and all experiences. From the philosophy to asana, from ancient teachings to modern practice, and from ethical principles to sequencing techniques, expand your yoga education.

  • In-person + online courses. From anywhere, you can learn and grow using our online webinars, blogs, and videos. In person, we offer workshops and trainings based out of Baltimore, MD.

  • Community. To offer the best quality programs, we collaborate with yoga educators and wellness movers-and-shakers from around the country who contribute to our blogs, videos, and webinars. We work with the best in order to share the best with you.

What is red lila?

Rooted play.

The first chakra, Muladhara is represented by the color red. It is our rooted seat, of our sense of place, security and stability. It reminds us to stay grounded and centered in mind, body and spirit.
lila, or divine play, is the creative energy of the universe that represents something bigger always at hand. It is the result of feeling spacious and flexible in the body and the mind that each breath carries ease and joy. It reminds us to dance in the estatic flow of life.

red lila School of Yoga is the harmonious coupling of security and creativity, power and grace, alignment and flow, yin and yang, flexibility and strength, roots and wings, rest and play. The beauty of life is experienced through balance.


Yoga Teacher Development.

Benefitting dedicated yoga students.


to deepen your practice, to advance your education, to expand the quality of your teaching, and to know what moves you both mind and body.



your vision into reality, ideas into plans, and knowledge into authentic and confident expression. Apply what you know into transformative programs.



what you learn and created with your students. Your message is worth it, and so are you. Offer your services from your greater and genuine purpose.