“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” 

- Carl Jung



This training is designed to supercharge your yoga practice and personal development, and prepare you to confidently and intelligently guide others. You will profoundly deepen your yoga practice and your fundamental understanding of classical and modern yoga. Through the study of asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomical alignment and yogic philosophy you will gain a thorough comprehension of the foundational components of teaching vinyasa yoga. Discover a more authentic self-expression,  empowered leadership skills, and personal growth. You will leave better able to positively impact your community, and better equipped to live as an example for others, both on and off the mat.

Who is this training for?


Whether you are a current student seeking to become a teacher, a current yoga teacher looking to discover new and effective ways of teaching, or an inquisitive student ready to dive deeper into your personal practice, you will find a meaningful and transformative experience in this program

What makes our YTT different?

1. Not a yoga studio.

We are focused entirely on yoga teacher development and education - no distractions.  This singular focus allows us to channel all of our energy and passion toward bringing you the best learning and development experience possible. Become a successful yoga teacher no matter where you decide to teach - we will use our connections and support to help you get there.

2. We get hands-on.

This is more than lecture. Practice what you learn. Experientially apply your knowledge into live practicum experiences with supportive feedback. Practice teaching skills that make a positive difference in your teaching, so you can make a positive difference for your students. 

3. Self-discovery.

Students report a top benefit of this program is their personal transformative experience. Through the study of yoga philosophy and how to teach, you will foster bold confidence, gain enhanced clarity, and improve the relationship with yourself. Inspire others around you through your conscious way of being and positive presence. Make the impossible possible.

4. build a community. 

One of the best things about yoga teacher training is you get to go through it with other people. Our training attracts aspiring teachers and dedicated students from numerous  yoga communities which creates an incredible family of energy, support, and learning.

My experience at Red Lila Yoga was truly life changing. I entered completely unsure of myself in more ways than I knew and left feeling completely empowered and filled with knowledge. When I began teaching after graduation, I felt 100% prepared and have really come into my own style. Thank you Lindsay and Kate!
— Stephanie Misanik, March 2017



This training was created, written, and designed to super charge your own practice and spiritual development, and prepare you to intelligently and confidently guide others


curriculum overview

PHILOSOPHY & meditation

  • History of Yoga

  • Philosophy - the Yoga Sutras

  • Ethical Guidelines for Teachers

  • Meditation, self study, personal development

  • Nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care


  • Tension, compression, proportion, and orientation in asanas.

  • The Musculoskeletal System applied to yoga

  • Principles of the practice: movement and engagement

Alignment & Assisting

  • Hands-on assisting and adjustments

  • Modifications and variations of asanas

  • Benefits of the asanas

  • Personal yoga practice advancement.

sequencing & methodology

  • Sequencing methodology of vinyasa yoga - the why and the what of the practice.

  • Teaching all-levels and beginners yoga classes.

  • Creating powerful programs: Workshops, events, and specialty classes.

  • Practice teaching modules with live coaching and feedback

Teaching skills

  • Words, Voice, Flow: Effective cueing with clarity and purpose for dynamic classes

  • Teaching with themes: weaving in philosophy & anatomy to your sequence

business of yoga

  • Statistics of the profession, history, trends, and where it's going.

  • Finances and important conversations for getting hired.

  • Marketing and enrollment

  • Techniques and strategy for sustainable teaching.

Awaken the teacher within

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Our program is led by Lead Teachers Lindsay Lusignea and Kate Manchester with specialty workshops by Guest Teaching Faculty.


Hours during your Summer 2019 YTT will be held at both of our locations at Merritt Clubs and Sanctuary Bodyworks. The locations are just one mile apart and each offer beautiful facilities and locations. Both Merritt Clubs in Canton and Sanctuary Bodyworks in Fells point are situated in the heart of their neighborhoods with cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, safe parks during your breaks, and refreshing views of the water. Please refer to our locations page for more information about each location and see below in the Program Format + Dates section to understand which training hours will be at which location.

Program format + DATES

The following are required in-person hours for the Summer 2019 YTT program and include lecture-based learning, interactive discussions, hands-on experiential learning, practice teaching, and yoga practices.

6 weekend datES:

Led by Lindsay Lusignea and Kate Manchester, the 6 weekends required for this training are spread out across four months.


  • 4-day intensive: June 20-23 @ Sanctuary Bodyworks

  • 2-day weekend: July 13-14 @ Merritt Clubs Canton

  • 2-day weekend: August 3-4 @ Merritt Clubs Canton

  • 2-day weekend: August 24-25 @ Merritt Clubs Canton

  • 2-day weekend: September 14-15 @ Merritt Clubs Canton

  • 4-day intensive: October 17-20 @ Sanctuary Bodyworks


  • 4-day intensive hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm each day

  • 2-day intensive hours: 10:00am- 8:00pm each day


The four Practicum Sessions throughout the training are led by the training faculty focusing on application of the curriculum within group teaching practicums.


  • Wednesdays July 10, July 24, August 14, September 11 @ Merritt Clubs Canton


  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm


Additional hours include Audio Lectures, homework assignments, reading assignments, journaling, peer teaching, a midterm, and a final project. These hours are completed around your own schedule. Graduates report an average of two-three hours of additional work per week to complete these assignments.  What also makes our trainings so appealing is you are free to maintain your yoga practice anywhere you would like - we ask you practice anywhere you would like three times per week in classes taught by anyone.



What does your tuition include? All weekend and study session training hours led the Lead Teacher, training and workshops led by Guest Faculty, access to our premiere online Student Portal system, Audio Lectures, 280-page Teacher Training manual, 30% off private yoga sessions, 50% off workshops/webinars/Teaching Mentorship, and 50% off classes taught by your lead teacher, Lindsay, at Sanctuary Bodyworks. These discounted benefits are during your YTT course and for the three months following. Tuition also includes life-time access to our always growing Online Student Portal and our thriving Alumni Association community upon graduation.

Additional fees: Four books required for training, announced upon program acceptance. These books total under $75 for all four, and this reading list will be sent to you upon acceptance.


Early Bird Tuition


  • Pay in full by May 17, 2019
  • Save $250 on tuition

Best Deal!

Standard Tuition


  • Payment plans available
  • or pay in full

Are you a Merritt Clubs member? Get 10% off your total tuition. That is at least a $270 savings!  Register today - you will be asked to indicate if you are a Merritt Clubs member - and we'll deduct this percentage off your tuition balance.

Payment plans: We know how valuable this program is and want YOU to be part of it. We also know Yoga Teacher Training is a financial commitment. We want to help. Four month payment plans are available upon request. Requests can be made once we contact you about tuition payment after your application has been submitted.

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Step #2

RECEIVE YOUR REGISTRATION LETTER. Once you register, you will hear from us by e-mail  regarding your enrollment to the program, including the books list and details to get started on your yoga teacher training journey.


COMPLETE TUITION PAYMENT.  Along with this above letter, we will send you options to begin paying your tuition balance - your choice of a $500 deposit to begin your payment plan or your full tuition upfront.


Interested in the program and would like to learn more? Not sure if you are "ready" to begin? Do you have a schedule conflict during this upcoming training? Wondering what the average time commitment is outside of training hours? You're not alone! We have compiled the most frequently asked questions that multiple people ask us multiple times a year.

red lila is a comprehensive, well structured training program. You leave their team with not only numerous teaching skills, but also with hundreds of confidence boosting moments that make the transition into “real world teaching” absolutely seamless. This program is constantly growing, evolving, and improving because of the dedicated staff who run red lila. Even the yogi who simply wants to deepen their personal practice will grow in ways they didn’t know possible. red lila uses many different formats to present information so all learning styles are accommodated. It is a place that knows how to foster and nurture the personality you already have within and let them shine through making confident & joyful teachers. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.
— Allie Baker, February 2017

Our Teacher Training is nationally recognized and registered with the Yoga Alliance

Upon completion of this program, you can receive your national registration with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200RYT).

Learn more about the Yoga Alliance by visiting their website.


Do you have questions or dates to discuss about the 200 hour Teacher Training course? Are you interested to register, and would like to meet us first in-person or via a phone call? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within two days.

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