200 hour Yoga Teacher Training REGISTRATION FORM

The registration questions are an opportunity for us to get to know you, your history, and your visions for completing this training. Please be succinct in your responses. All information shared will be confidential.

Please note that once you begin this online registration, you will be unable to save it to return to at a later time. Because of this, you may wish to be sure you have at least fifteen minutes set aside to complete the registration. 

Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM below

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About you: Background
Please complete this section so we get to know more about you and our new Teacher Training class! Please note: your responses in this section do not impact your registration in any way.
We would like to learn about you and your personal yoga practice. Your responses give us an understanding about your interests and history, which helps us gain an understanding about your YTT class as a whole. Each YTT class is unique and super important to us.
(e.g., running—3 times a week; cycle—once a week.)
Let us know your goals and visions for completing this yoga teacher training so we know how to best support you along your journey.
I am 100% committed to my participation in this training *
Your full commitment and active participation in the program will maximize your experience. Below are the required 6 weekends + 4 practicum dates to complete the training. As a statement of your commitment and understanding of the required dates, please check each weekend intensive + practicum date to confirm your attendance. *
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Once we receive your registration form, we will send you an email to complete your tuition payment. After that, you will be formally registered into 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.
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Merritt employees and staff receive a tuition discount.
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